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    Animal feed includes all types of products that provide nutrition and treats. Pet and animal feed companies want to reduce bacteria and pathogens to improve animal safety, as well as to keep the people safe who come in contact with these food products.

    How can Sterigenics’ expertise help you?
    • Customized solutions to ensure secure, safe, and effective processing
    • A global integrated network of facilities located near your manufacturing or distribution hubs
    • High-quality and consistent processes that exceed safety standards
    • Industry Expert Advisors to assist in solution development, validation, and testing
    • Expedited product processing services
    • One partner for all your sterilization modality requirements and access to Sotera Health’s leading portfolio of best-in-class products and services from sister companies Nelson Labs and Nordion

    Modality for animal feed

    Radiation-based Gamma processing kills microorganisms through a non-invasive process that penetrates several types of packaging. The process is safe and effective and there are no residuals post-irradiation.

    What animal feed is most commonly treated?

    • Nutritional ingredients of pet food
    • Animal nutrition
    • Raw materials
    • Glucosamine for dogs
    • Dog chews

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