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    Sterigenics has decades of expertise reducing the microbial load in pet treats and animal feed, and supplements. To meet your pathogen reduction goals, Sterigenics offers radiation-based gamma processing through our network of facilities located around the world. Gamma processing is proven, cost-effective, and non-invasive.

    Pathogen reduction for animal feed includes all types of products that provide nutrition and treats. Pet treats and animal nutrition companies want to reduce bacteria and pathogens to improve animal safety, as well as to keep the people safe who come in contact with these treats and feed products.

    Reduce pathogens in animal and pet supplements

    Radiation-based gamma processing kills microorganisms through a non-invasive process that penetrates several types of packaging, which means the pet treats, as an example, are not removed from their packaging. The process is safe. There are no residuals left on the product, which makes gamma irradiation ideal for pathogen reduction in animal and pet supplements.

    What pet treats and animal feed are treated?

    • Natural pet treats including dog chews, jerky & bully sticks, pig ears
    • Animal origin pet treats
    • Animal / pet supplements
    • Dairy powder for feed
    • Animal feed ingredients
    • Birdseed for pets and wild birds
    • Laboratory animal diets

    World-class Problem Solvers

    Every day our Industry Subject Matter Experts tackle the tough questions. Our goal is to help you arrive at the safest and most cost-effective solution to achieve your product goals.

    Our Industry Subject Matter Experts draw on expertise that spans radiation technology, cost structures, supply chain management, sourcing and purchasing. They have years of experience helping customers solve unique problems. And they’re ready to put their knowledge to work for you.

    Did you know?

    Most pet treats and animal feed go through microbial reduction processing using gamma radiation; however, lab animal diets go through sterilization processing using gamma radiation.

    How can Sterigenics’ expertise help you?

    • Customized solutions to help you ensure secure, safe, and effective processing
    • A global integrated network of facilities located near your manufacturing or distribution hubs
    • High-quality and consistent processes that exceed safety standards
    • Industry Subject Matter Experts to assist in solution development
    • Expedited product processing services

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    If you have questions about using Gamma radiation for pathogen reduction in your pet treats and animal nutrition, this eBook is for you. Get answers to your commonly asked questions when you download this informative and fast-read Sterigenics eBook.

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