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    By creating changes in gemstones’ crystalline structure, advanced radiation processing can duplicate colors only nature could otherwise provide, as well as make the color more vibrant. Topaz, which is mined clear, becomes sky blue when treated with high-energy Electron beam (E-Beam). The color of quartz, tourmaline, aquamarine, and emerald gemstones can be similarly enhanced when treated with Gamma radiation.

    How can Sterigenics’ expertise help you?
    • Customized solutions to ensure secure, safe, and effective processing
    • A global integrated network of facilities located near your manufacturing or distribution hubs
    • High-quality and consistent processes that exceed safety standards
    • Industry Expert Advisors to assist in solution development, validation, and testing
    • Expedited product processing services
    • One partner for all your sterilization modality requirements and access to Sotera Health’s leading portfolio of best-in-class products and services from sister companies Nelson Labs and Nordion

    Radiation-based modalities for gemstone coloring and vibrancy

    Thailand is one of the world’s largest gemstone cutting centers. And Sterigenics’ facility in Thailand is well known for its E-Beam and Gamma processing of gemstones to substantially improve the color and vibrancy of gemstones.

    Sterigenics can provide:

    • Professional advice on the irradiation dose and heat/time requirements to provide the color required for stones from mines all over the globe
    • Irradiation processing
    • Heat application

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