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    Sterigenics GPS®
    Global Processing Status
    Customer Portal

    • REAL-TIME visibility for every work order
    • ADVANCED order entry
    • ACCESS to key processing documents

    24/7 portal access from your office or smartphone

      • Notifies when products are received
      • Provides ability to request an expedited service
      • Tracks current stage in the sterilization process
      • Validates processing
      • Provides access to invoice information
      • Allows data export to Excel for reporting and forecasting

    Additional benefits include:

    • MyAccount Dashboard with up to 6 months of data including:
      • Operational and Financial Summaries
      • Quality Metrics
    • Order entry with Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASN)
    • Document Library with easy access to Certificates of Processing and more

    Get your business up and running with Sterigenics GPS® today

    Contact your Sterigenics customer service representative.

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