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    Sterigenics GPS® Global Processing Status

    Sterigenics GPS® Global Processing Status working for you around the clock, around the world

    No phone calls, no hassle, no waiting – Sterigenics GPS® puts up-to-date load status information at your fingertips. Gain end-to-end, real-time visibility for every work order, every sterilization technology, 24/7 and 365 days a year. An industry first and a powerful resource for your business.

    Customer benefits reported include:

    • Greater accuracy to help eliminate nonconformance issues
    • Increased productivity
    • Resource and time efficiency improvements

    Sign up for instant online access or e-mail notifications to your office or smartphone to
    Sterigenics GPS® and receive the following benefits:


    • Notifies when products are received
    • Provides ability to request an expedited service


    • Tracks current stage in the sterilization process
    • Validates processing


    • Informs when product(s) are ready to ship
    • Provides access to invoice information
    • Allows system data to be exported for reporting and forecasting

    Sterigenics GPS® customer portal offers a window into our worldwide processing facilities to more effectively manage your supply chain.

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