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    By increasing the switching speed, recovery times, and other electrical properties of your silicon wafers, diodes, or IGBTs, you can increase your competitive advantage and gain greater market share in the industries you target.

    Radiation-based Electron Beam (E-Beam) processing is a reliable and reproducible method for tailoring switching speeds (minority carrier lifetime control for power semiconductors) of many bipolar silicon power semiconductor devices such as IGBTs, SCRs, BJTs, and GTOs. This (heavy metal diffusion for lifetime control) offers significant advantages over the conventional processes of gold or platinum doping:

    • The E-Beam irradiation effect is fully reversible through subsequent annealing
    • Easily controlled uniformity and high reproducibility
    • The ability to process not only wafers, but also final (packaged) devices

    E-Beam irradiation is reliable and reproducible

    Our wafer carrier not only allows for the processing of stacks of wafers in a single run for cost-effective processing, but also allows uniform dose absorption throughout the stacks and across the wafers.

    • E-Beam energies up to 12 MeV in North America, Europe, and Asia
    • Correct dose application every time, by adhering to professional quality assurance procedures
    • Rapid and reliable turn times developed through experience in domestic and international logistics

    Use E-Beam to achieve feature enhancements in numerous semiconductors

    • Diodes
    • Thyristors
    • Gate Turn Off Thyristors (GTOs)
    • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs)
    • Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)
    • Power MOSFETs (their body diodes)
    • Silicon wafers
    • Components within the solar energy industry
    • Components within the electric vehicle industry

    Markets for Power Semiconductors

    • Automotive
    • Electric Vehicles (and charging stations)
    • Cellular Communications
    • Electric Trains
    • Power Distribution Centers
    • Solar Energy

    Benefits of E-Beam Services by Sterigenics

    • Uniformity control
    • High reproducibility
    • ISO 9001 certification
    How can Sterigenics’ expertise help you?
    • Customized solutions to ensure secure, safe, and effective processing
    • A global integrated network of facilities located near your manufacturing or distribution hubs
    • High-quality and consistent processes that exceed safety standards
    • Industry Expert Advisors to assist in solution development, validation, and testing
    • Expedited product processing services
    • One partner for all your sterilization modality requirements and access to Sotera Health’s leading portfolio of best-in-class products and services from sister companies Nelson Labs and Nordion

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