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    Supporting our Customers in Reducing
    Ethylene Oxide Use

    We, Sterigenics and Nelson Labs, are committed to developing innovative new solutions to further enhance the safe and sustainable use of EO.

    Sustainable use of ethylene oxide, sustainable use of EO, sustainable use of ETO
    Contact us or your Sterigenics Account Manager to learn more

    Benefits of Reducing the Amount of EO

    for employees, customers and communities

    • Continued safe usage of EO, the most widely used sterilization
    • Lower residuals – performing better than patient safety regulations
    • Allows for reduction in required aeration times, resulting in improved customer supply chain efficiencies
    • May reduce cycle time, resulting in additional capacity for
    • Further reduce fugitive emissions to enhance health and safety
    Sustainability practices for ethylene oxide, sustainability practices for EO, sustainability practices for ETO

    The 3Rs of EO Sterilization

    We will reach our goal by employing this innovative and principled program. Each pillar was designed by our industry
    leading technical experts, engineers and safety specialists in collaboration with customers, regulators and industry

    Sterigenics sustainability practices for ethylene oxide, Sterigenics sustainability practices for EO, Sterigenics sustainability practices for ETO

    Sterigenics commitment to safe sustainable use of ethylene oxide

    For Existing Products

    We will partner with you to REDUCE the mass of EO in your current
    sterilization process, as appropriate

    For New Product Development

    Contact us early in your product development lifecycle to optimize your
    EO sterilization process

    As Part of our Continuous Process
    Improvement Efforts

    Sterigenics is undertaking facility equipment and operational
    enhancements to REUSE an RECLAIM EO. Our goal is to capture and
    eliminate 100% of all fugitive emissions

    Sterigenics preferred partner program

    Preferred Partner Program

    As an EO Reduction Customer you are eligible to take part in
    our Premier Partner Program, which provides technical
    support and priority services from Nelson Labs Expert
    Advisory Services
    to help you along the way.

    Sterigenics premier partner program