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    Free Consultation | Food & Beverage Packaging

    As a packaging sterilization professional—and consumer—you know that unique packaging designs help products stand out on store shelves. But, did you know that intricate designs can result in surface area that pathogens might grow? Contamination can put consumers at risk.

    Sterigenics helps to minimize risk to consumer safety and protect your corporate reputation. We use radiation-based Gamma processing to kill microorganisms.

    Gamma is:

    • Cost effective and time efficient
    • Non-invasive and reaches all microorganisms regardless of the intricacies of the packaging (specifically, packaging is not removed from the shipping containers during irradiation; post-irradiation there are no residues left on the packaging)
    • Approved by the FDA for microbial reduction and sterilization for packaging

    Please accept my offer of a free consultation to answer questions that you have about Gamma processing.


    Sally Roland
    Food & Beverage Packaging Subject Matter Expert
    Director of Regional Accounts in Europe, Sterigenics
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell: 0032 478 30 70 11

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