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Advanced Radiation Processing
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Radiation Aging and Radiation Hardness Testing

Nearly 40 years of experience in providing Gamma and Electron Beam irradiation service means you can count on Sterigenics to assist you with expert advice on the irradiation for your radiation aging tests and be confident the resulting irradiation will be performed to your specifications. Sterigenics offers irradiation services for radiation aging testing for a wide range of nuclear reactor, space, and military components, including polymers, paints and coatings, wire and cable insulation and solar panels. Highest quality is assured as Sterigenics is ISO 9001 certified.
Sterigenics can provide a wide range of technologies
  • Gamma irradiation. Sterigenics gamma facilities provide cobalt-60 irradiation at doses rangingfrom a few hundred Rads up to hundreds or thousands of kiloGrays (kGys) or MegaRads (MRads) at a range of radiation dose rates.
  • Electron Beam irradiation. In addition to Gamma irradiation services, Sterigenics also offersElectron Beam irradiation services at energies ranging from 10 to 12 MeV.
  • Ancillary equipment and components. As a full-service provider, Sterigenics is equipped tosupply electrical, water and other utilities that may be required during irradiation to support the tests.
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