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Gamma Irradiation

For more than 50 years, Gamma Irradiation has provided a safe and cost-effective methodology for the sterilization of single-use medical products, cosmetics, spices and packaging.

What it is:
A form of pure energy characterized by its deep penetration and low dose rates. Gamma irradiators are powered by Cobalt-60, effectively killing microorganisms throughout the product and its packaging with very little temperature effect and no residues. The amount of radiation received depends on the type of product and its dose requirements. Dosimetric release allows products to be processed, verified and immediately released for shipment. Our exclusive ExCell high-precision irradiator delivers precision dosing to within ±10 percent.

Best Suited For:
> Single-use medical products
> Packaged products
> Food products
> Cosmetics
> Tissue-based devices
> Implantable medical devices (stents, heart valves, orthopedics)
> Pharmaceutical Product and Packaging
> Combination medical devices that may contain a pharmaceutical or biologic
> Raw materials

Key Benefits:
Gamma sterilization technology is very well understood, safe and easy to validate. It is the protocol of choice for Medical device manufacturers and service providers due to its:
Sterility Assurance and Treatment Efficacy - Consistently meets product and regulatory requirements
Safety - Proven track record in worker and product safety
Flexibility and Versatility - Effectively sterilizes a wide range of products with different variations in dose requirements, densities and packaging/box sizes
Reliability - The reliability and simplicity of the process is unparalleled

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