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Your products are cutting edge. So is our approach to pharmaceutical sterilization. Advanced technology, dosimetry methods and processing capabilities make it possible to deliver gamma radiation at very low and gray-level doses - ensuring the safety and stability of your pharmaceutical and biologic products.
Drug Device Combinations
As pharmaceutical delivery has evolved, so have sterilization requirements. With the increase in drug-device combinations like stents coated with a pharmaceutical preparation, sterilization processes must deliver a SAL of 10-6 without impairing the drug efficacy. Sterigenics processes provide:
  • Product-specific cycles developed by our technical experts
  • EO sterilization at lower temperatures
  • Precise dose gamma radiation
  • Minimal residues
  • Full process validation
  • Microbiological and laboratory testing and validation services
Terminal Sterilization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
Enhancing the aseptic manufacture SAL of pharmaceuticals without affecting drug efficacy is a critical requirement of terminal sterilization. Our solutions deliver:
  • Very precise radiation doses across a wide range of product densities
  • Controlled radiation dose rates
  • Cold storage for temperature sensitive products
  • Rapid turn-times (within 24 hours) to accommodate short product life cycles
  • Comprehensive laboratory and consulting services via SteriPro®
Vaccine Sterilization
Our exclusive high-precision ExCell® irradiators deliver precise, low gamma radiation dosing to vaccines to meet specific sterilization parameters and ensure product integrity.

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