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With decades of sterilization technology expertise, Sterigenics offers the global capacity, consistency and redundancy to meet the exacting sterilization requirements of the medical device industry. Wherever you are, we are there to deliver:
  • Innovative Ethylene Oxide (EO), gamma radiation and electron beam (E-Beam) sterilization capabilities
  • Customized sterilization solutions to ensure secure, safe and effective processing
  • A global, fully integrated network of facilities located near manufacturing or distribution hubs
  • Quality, consistent sterilization processes that exceed regulatory standards
  • Highly credentialed industry experts to assist in solution development, validation and testing
  • Regulatory consulting and logistics services
  • Expedited product processing services
Our contract sterilization solutions ensure a wide array of medical devices get to market safely and quickly, including, but not limited to:
  • Single-use medical devices
  • Tissue-based devices
  • Implantable medical devices - stents, heart valves, orthopedics
  • Combination medical devices that contain a pharmaceutical or biologic agent
  • Procedure kits
  • Surgical trays
  • Synthetic gowns

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