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"Sterigenics has always been a reliable source of sterilization over the years. With the addition of services such as VeriCycle, Sterigenics allows the processing and review of the process to run smoother. Working with the validation groups at the facilities has been a pleasure as the group will listen, recommend, and work with the customer to make the cycles more efficient."
        - Jeff Delgaudio, Covidien
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Specs in Check VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification

Designed specifically for ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization technology, our innovative VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification system delivers real-time visibility to each phase of the sterilization process. Our exclusive system keeps sterilization specifications in check, ensuring consistency and quality from beginning to end.
Key advantages:
  • Fully validated process removes risk of human error by automating quality assurance (QA) review
  • Advanced system software checks actual run data against all identified specifications at every phase
  • The process verification report contains all pertinent run details in a concise, standardized format
  • Reduces the size of the batch record you receive from Sterigenics
  • Products get to market faster, as the entire sterilization QA process is shortened
For more information on how to put VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification to work for you, contact your Sterigenics account representative.

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